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Collaboration as a feasible utopia, art as a critical practice.

The trailer for "Tender Absence 2023" is here.


As 2023 is coming to an end, we reminisce about our Glocal Class "Tender Absence 2023," which took place last February. For one week, we explored possibilities of remote work with 11 international artists. We took the time to create this trailer. You can watch the entire video here.

OUT NOW: "Was mich bewegt" – SISTERQUEENS Song & Music Video


Faseeha, Frida, Rachel from SISTERQUEENS know what moves them. Hanging out together, grilling in the garden, being there for each other. Together with Haszcara, they have written a new song and also shot a music video with Insa Langhorst. The whole video and the song are now available on YouTube.

Peira [‘peı|ra od. ‘paı|ra] heißt Erproben, Unternehmen und gemeinsames Wagnis. In Allianzen und Kollaborationen wagen wir künstlerische Interventionen. Peira entwirft Räume, in denen Menschen und Ideen in Austausch treten und Verständnis wachsen kann, im aktiven Hoffen auf eine gerechtere Welt. Peira (Berlin/Leipzig/Wien) entwickelt künstlerische Projekte in Kollaborationen.
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